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Our latest Bronze Sponsor donor is IDA Pharmacy, 1251 Stittsville Main Street, Stittsville, ON. K2S 1S9, (613) 836-3881.


Other Gold Sponsors are CU Smile Dental, 474 Hazeldean Rd, Kanata, ON K2L 4E5,   (613) 831-9062 and

Wildpine Retirement Residence, 10 Wildpine Court, Stittsville, ON.    K2S 1C6, (613) 612-0880 and Hazledean Gardens Retirement Residence 6130 Hazeldean Rd, Stittsville, ON K2S 2M2, (613) 903-6949



Our monthly General Meeting and Luncheons are another example of the wonderful activities the club hosts.

A big shout out of thanks to the volunteers from Stittsville Legion - Judy Campbell, Evelyn Fortin, Bev Currie, Barb Forbes, as well as Frances De Beaumont, General Manager, Lucy De Santo, Recreation Director and Mathew Derbyshire, Marketing Director, of Wildpine Retirement Residence who, together with the Legion volunteers, prepared and served a fantastic meal as always.

In addition to the Legion volunteers, kudos go to Helen James for coordinating the Luncheon Menu, Barb Vant'Slot for organizing the hall, Marion Gullock for organizing the musical entertainment and Vivian Haley and Thea Both on the front desk. A special thanks to Mary Roe who leads us in a prayer of Grace.

Each month, local musical groups are selected to provide the entertainment for our luncheons. They put on great performances playing many of the golden oldies we all remember and usually have people dancing in their seats..

Our General Meeting and Luncheons are held the last Wednesday each month at 12:00 noon at Stittsville Legion.


New Members

We are very fortunate in that we are receiving new members steadily. 

Come out and join us in our many activities.


We welcome our most recent new members who joined us this month and hope to see them at our other activities and future General Meetings and Luncheons.

We look forward to our other new members coming out to our monthly meetings and supporting the Club and hope that our visitors will return and join our club as well.


Each month we celebrate those people who have birthdays during the month.

Join us in giving our best wishes to those celebrating birthdays.


As mentioned above, we have the Legion volunteers to thank for hosting our monthly luncheons and providing great food. 

We also have to thank our Executive Members and Heads of Committees, who are also all volunteers, for organizing our activities such as exercise, bridge, euchre, 

shuffleboard, luncheons, entertainment and excursions.

We are growing and we need help with many of our 

organizing activities so we can continue to expand and to provide you with the services you need.

This is an appeal for help.  We need volunteers to take an active role in our club.  We need volunteers who can share the organizing duties, act as replacements when needed, 

and fill current vacant positions. 

Raise your hand if you can help

Stittsville Legion

Our hosts, Stittsville Legion, reminded our members that 

the new building will include a memorial wall.

Plaques will be available in memory of loved ones to be

installed as a lasting memory.

For more information contact 

Barb Vant'Slot 613-836-7823.


As mentioned at our luncheon meetings, we started a new website and Facebook page for the club and I encourage everyone to visit them. 

If you use Facebook please select FOLLOW so you will receive notices as we post our Club news.

Web Site

We had quite a few members sign up to receive our Monthly Newsletter by email.  For those members who do not use emails, we will continue to distribute paper copies at each of our functions.

We welcome your comments and feedback
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